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This book describes how HCBT grew from clients bringing aspects of their lives such as their spiritual beliefs, socio-economic and cultural context into CBT sessions, factors sometimes missed in standard CBT.  Holistic CBT is explained as a new strengths-based and creative model, exploring people’s identity and potential within their individual context, and recognising a body-mind-spirit link. It is a transdiagnostic approach to therapy and personal development.  




'Free to be Me' is a course manual providing the guidance and resources needed to run a course with individuals or groups based on HCBT. Building on the standard CBT model, it can easily be used by those familiar with CBT. Its person-centred approach means that it can be used as part of the therapy offered in any mental health and related setting, and as a personal development course in faith and community groups. 


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The article entitled "Free to be me: introducing an holistic approach to cognitive behaviour therapy" can be found on P. 29 in the April 2016 edition of the Clinical Psychology Forum. This is the peer-reviewed journal of the Division of Clinical Psychology, British Psychological Society. 


" This ground-breaking handbook explores the nature of spirituality and its relevance to the mental health and well-being of people coming into contact with health, social care, education and allied support services.

Incorporating the perspectives and experience of over 35 leading academics and practitioners in the field, the book offers a practical guide that includes the contemporary context, details of relevant demonstration projects and therapeutic interventions, and issues for services, staff, managers, leaders and trainers.

Opportunities for reflection and practice pointers and offered throughout. The book pays due attention to the current climate of the covid-19 pandemic and the trauma and mental health needs linked to it (both for patients and staff), black and minority ethnic and sexuality issues, and the voice of mental health experts by experience. Organized into thematic sections, it offers an update to previous publications in the field, including a consideration of spirituality and the new landscape going forwards."  (Pavilion publishers)

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