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Services are usually offered online though in some situations face to face is possible. Evening and weekend appointments are sometimes available as well as weekday appointments. It is important to find a therapist or supervisor that you feel comfortable with and who is right for you. If you wish to enquire more about any of these services then please email or use the contact page to arrange a free introductory conversation with no obligation or to ask any further questions to help you to decide if this is the right service for you. 

Individual Holistic CBT and standard CBT are available for a wide range of adult mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, OCD, psychosis and PTSD as well as the effects of childhood trauma, relational difficulties, adjusting to a physical health diagnosis, bereavement and other losses.

Individual HCBT is also available for personal development when there are no particular psychological difficulties that need addressing. 
Therapy is provided for adults and young people. Sessions are usually weekly and the number of sessions will be agreed at the beginning of sessions and reviewed regularly. 

For further information about CBT the BABCP website is a useful resource and the BPS website offers information on psychology in general including the BPS code of ethics and conduct which is adhered to within this therapy practice.  

Fees are £100/hour session for self funded clients and £120/hour session for clients with medical insurance. 

​Supervision for therapy is available for individuals and groups and in particular for those wishing to use HCBT as well as those using standard CBT and other psychological therapies.
Hilary also provides consultation to teams and individuals and life coaching or mentoring sessions, particularly to those in health and social care services or the voluntary sector. 

Group supervision sessions are from £30/hour and individual supervision is £80/hour. 
​Training is available on various topics such as Holistic CBT, integrating spirituality into therapy and CBT for various psychological difficulties.

Training is also offered on various mental health topics for non-mental health settings such as businesses, schools, charities and faith groups. 

Training on staff wellbeing and facilitating staff wellbeing support sessions are available focusing on topics such as stress management, values-based work and burnout. 

Training is shaped around the needs of the participants but it usually includes a mixture of teaching, small group exercises, personal reflection and group discussion. 

Please contact Hilary to explore training options and fees.  
Some of the typical comments received about therapy:

"Hilary is really kind and easy to talk to, as I find talking hard"

"I am extremely grateful for the guidance I have received, which I believe will continue to inform me in the future, allowing me to manage my difficulties independently" 

"This therapy helped me to gain some degree of self-worth and a better grasp of reality- more of a sense of perspective about

what is important and what matters most. 

"Hilary has been a really good person to talk to. I never felt rushed or pushed into anything I didn't want to do. She allowed me

the time to make my own decisions resulting in gradually building my confidence"

Some of the typical comments received about supervision:

 "Thank you for all your guidance, constructive feedback and support. I take a huge amount of experience and knowledge from our supervision. "

"I wanted to say thank you and express my gratitude for all the support, encouragement, honesty, supervision, guidance and for being a wonderful person"

"Thank you so much for your support as a supervisor- I've found it a really containing and reflective space."

Some of the typical comments received about training:

"I valued Hilary's expertise and clarity of presentation"

"The teaching was excellent, well presented, informative.


"It was a clear presentation, well-paced and interesting with high-quality information about mental health issues"

"Hilary has passion, skills and a teaching gift"

"Hilary was particularly gifted at presenting a complex subject."

"I valued the depth of knowledge and experience of Hilary as a speaker and also the example given by Hilary as a person."

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